Discovering Fujifilm

Can a Fujifilm X Series Compact System Camera replace both my Canon EOS M and 7D?

My discovery of the Fujifilm X series began when I was looking for a new travel camera to replace my ageing Canon EOS M. I have really enjoyed my time with my EOS M, It’s been my travel companion since its conception as I snapped up the Mark I, what must be some 3 years ago. It has had some bad reviews but coming from a Canon background I found the device very familiar and easy to shoot with. Its image quality and compact form is perfect for travel, and I have got some amazing photos from my travels thanks to it.

Vancouver Island

Canon EOS M | EF-M18-55mm | 18mm
1/60 | f4.0 | ISO 100

The EOS M does leave you yearning for a viewfinder and dedicated dials to control shutter speed and aperture, and maybe most importantly, a decent range of lenses. 3 years in and only a handful of EF-M mount lenses are available, and none of them blow you away. Because of this I’ve been looking for a worthy replacement, and having heard good things around the X Series, and being impressed by the specs of the X-T1, I decided to give it a punt and picked one up last week.

After a few days of testing it out I quickly realised the X-T1 was a serious bit of kit, a true photographers camera, and maybe more than just a replacement for my travel camera. A few google searches and I found numerous stories of pro photographers ditching their DSLRs for the X series, and the amazing photos they capture, namely Bert Stephani and Jeff Carter. The sharpness, natural look and overall image quality is remarkable. The prime lenses in the Fujinon’s XF range coupled with the X Trans sensor inside the X series gives you the tools to create amazing work

Inspired by this I added the 35mm prime to my arsenal, and decided to use the X-T1 instead of my 7D for my next gig, which was the 2 day London Blues Festival (in Reading).

Can the X-T1 replace my 7D?… I wanted to find out… My next blog post will be how the X-T1 and I got along.

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