London Blues Festival

The London Blues Festival had a mini 2 day event in Reading at the Purple Turtle, and I took this opportunity to test out the X-T1.

I do a lot of event photography, especially bands, in low/bad oddly coloured light, and often cramped venues. Which is actually a lot of fun. My kit has been a DSLR with a fast prime for many years now, and it has been working just fine. But recently I discovered the Fujifilm X series, and was excited to try out the X-T1 Compact System Camera.

Fujifilm X-T1| FX35mm | 35mm<br /> 1/60 | f1.4 | ISO 800 | Provia Film

Fujifilm X-T1| FX35mm | 35mm
1/60 | f1.4 | ISO 800 | Provia Film

I was armed with my X-T1 camera, XF35mm & XF18-135mm lenses.

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Discovering Fujifilm

Can a Fujifilm X Series Compact System Camera replace both my Canon EOS M and 7D?

My discovery of the Fujifilm X series began when I was looking for a new travel camera to replace my ageing Canon EOS M. I have really enjoyed my time with my EOS M, It’s been my travel companion since its conception as I snapped up the Mark I, what must be some 3 years ago. It has had some bad reviews but coming from a Canon background I found the device very familiar and easy to shoot with. Its image quality and compact form is perfect for travel, and I have got some amazing photos from my travels thanks to it.

Vancouver Island

Canon EOS M | EF-M18-55mm | 18mm
1/60 | f4.0 | ISO 100

The EOS M does leave you yearning for a viewfinder and dedicated dials to control shutter speed and aperture, and maybe most importantly, a decent range of lenses. 3 years in and only a handful of EF-M mount lenses are available, and none of them blow you away. Because of this I’ve been looking for a worthy replacement, and having heard good things around the X Series, and being impressed by the specs of the X-T1, I decided to give it a punt and picked one up last week.

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