New Art Medium

My interest in all things art based have been with me since a child. At school art lessons would get you using all kind of drawing and painting mediums, but as I got to doing my GCSE and AS level art I heavily focused on acrylic paint, photography, computer editing and screen printing. After this my technology based university course put pay to most of my creative outlets for many years. More recently I’ve ended up back having a number of creative hobbies that have turning into paying jobs, alongside DJing I’ve been doing a lot of graphic design work, and as probably evident form this blog, photography!

“I’ve set my self a challenge to try out a new art medium every month”

Yesterday I found myself missing the hands on art mediums where you put something on paper… or canvas, or a car, or whatever! I found myself wanting to drag myself away from my keyboard, mouse, stylus, and camera, and get my hands dirty again. So I’ve set my self a challenge to try out a new art medium every month, or to revisit one from the past.

Art Medium

I hope to try this every month, but sometimes I’m sure I’ll be too busy… lets see.

First up – for April I’ve picked Charcoal. I’ll write a post on this when I’m done with Charcoal, and also when/(if) I’ve made any worthwhile progress I’ll post up my creations on Instagram.

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