X-T1 Firmware v4.00


Having had a very, very busy month or so, I’ve finally got around to getting my X-T1 upgraded to v4.00 firmware. Very excited!!!….

I am attending an Airshow this weekend with the family, which will be perfect to test out the new AF. From just pointing it at a few things in my kitchen just now, it’s lightning fast with my 35mm attached!

I’ll have more of my thoughts after really trying it out next week, I’m sure.

Brands Hatch – M4 Master

Last weekend my brother had an MSV M4 Masters driving day at Brands Hatch, a fantastic circuit that was once the home of the British Gran Prix, and still home to many fantastic racing series. This was the very first day that they had the new BMW 425bhp, twin-turbo V6 M4’s out on track for customers to drive, so I thought I’d tag along and take some photos for my brother.

This was a good chance to test out my Fujifilm X-T1 with the XF 18-135mm lens I purchased with the camera in a fantastic bundle from Jessops here in the UK. This was also a great opportunity to test out the continuous auto focus, and the continuous shooting mode of the X-T1, and compare this with my Canon 7D which is well known for its fast frames per second shooting.

Brands Hatch - M4 Master

Fujifilm X-T1| FX18-135mm \\ 135mm | 1/500 | f5.6 | ISO 320

Now this is not my normal photography subject, the fastest thing I’m normally trying to capture is a particularly lively guitarist, and even then I normally wait for the shot in Single Auto Focus. Shooting fast moving objects is something I probably do less than once a year, so I’m no expert in this field. In fact the last time I must have shot racing cars was back in the early 90s, as a kid, at Brands Hatch for the British Touring Cars, with my trusty (cheap) Ricoh camera (I think it was the FF-70). I expect when I got the film developed most of my shots were nice and blurry, this is at least one problem the digital era has fixed for us!

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RAAYS NME photoshoot

Getting some last minute photos for local Reading band RAAYS.

I have not done a photoshoot like this for a good few years, and seemed like a great challenge. I am used to getting shots of bands performing, not promo shots for a magazine spread, but in the end it’s all for the same goal, a great photo showing off a moment in time. This is how I approached this shoot, knowing I just needed to capture the band feeling at ease and enjoying themselves, just as they would be on stage.

Fujifilm X-T1| FX35mm | 35mm 1/100 | f1.4 | ISO 400 | Classic Chrome film

Fujifilm X-T1| FX35mm | 35mm | Nissin i40
1/100 | f1.4 | ISO 400 | Classic Chrome film

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London Blues Festival

The London Blues Festival had a mini 2 day event in Reading at the Purple Turtle, and I took this opportunity to test out the X-T1.

I do a lot of event photography, especially bands, in low/bad oddly coloured light, and often cramped venues. Which is actually a lot of fun. My kit has been a DSLR with a fast prime for many years now, and it has been working just fine. But recently I discovered the Fujifilm X series, and was excited to try out the X-T1 Compact System Camera.

Fujifilm X-T1| FX35mm | 35mm<br /> 1/60 | f1.4 | ISO 800 | Provia Film

Fujifilm X-T1| FX35mm | 35mm
1/60 | f1.4 | ISO 800 | Provia Film

I was armed with my X-T1 camera, XF35mm & XF18-135mm lenses.

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Discovering Fujifilm

Can a Fujifilm X Series Compact System Camera replace both my Canon EOS M and 7D?

My discovery of the Fujifilm X series began when I was looking for a new travel camera to replace my ageing Canon EOS M. I have really enjoyed my time with my EOS M, It’s been my travel companion since its conception as I snapped up the Mark I, what must be some 3 years ago. It has had some bad reviews but coming from a Canon background I found the device very familiar and easy to shoot with. Its image quality and compact form is perfect for travel, and I have got some amazing photos from my travels thanks to it.

Vancouver Island

Canon EOS M | EF-M18-55mm | 18mm
1/60 | f4.0 | ISO 100

The EOS M does leave you yearning for a viewfinder and dedicated dials to control shutter speed and aperture, and maybe most importantly, a decent range of lenses. 3 years in and only a handful of EF-M mount lenses are available, and none of them blow you away. Because of this I’ve been looking for a worthy replacement, and having heard good things around the X Series, and being impressed by the specs of the X-T1, I decided to give it a punt and picked one up last week.

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