Eastbourne Airshow 2015

A couple of weekends ago I went down to Eastbourne (for the first time ever) with the family for the Airshow, which gave me the opportunity for another day of photography well outside of my comfort zone. I’m really enjoying doing this now, as it is making me think harder about my shots. Anything that makes you do some extra thinking about photography is always a good thing!

The most suitable lens for my Fujifilm X-T1 I have for this is the XF 18-135mm lens (giving me a 216mm equivalent at the long end) so I wasn’t planning on getting any close-ups.

Also this was my first outing with the v4 firmware for the X-T1, so was looking forward to a real world testing of the new autofocus system.

I don’t think I got any amazing shots, and don’t think I’m going to become an obsessive aeroplane photographer 🙂  …but here are some of the ones I like….

So to the Airshow… this takes place over Eastbourne beach, which gives the whole thing a rather unique feel.

Eastbourne Airshow

Fujifilm X-T1| XF18-135mm \\ 135mm
1/500 | f9 | ISO 200 | Pro Nag. Hi

I believe that was a Vulcan bomber, amazing thing to watch the huge thing glide so gently though the sky, making a huge amount of noise!

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